New York City Premiere
October 5-7, 2007
Roosevelt Island, New York City
What is it? Why participate?

The Encampment
is a large-scale public participatory art installation. 100 - 19th century luminous tents will be erected as a work of optical art on Roosevelt's Island Southpoint. From 7pm to 7am each night, New Yorkers will be able to view the luminous symmetries of the tents from both sides of the East River, as well as visit the actual site and experience the installations in each of the tents. It proposes an archaeological dig as its metaphor; the search for artifacts is replaced by the search for a collective memory of Roosevelt Island.
This is a wonderful opportunity to become a Creative Collaborator. You will engage in a creative aspect of a large-scale public art installation, bring your own experience to its realization and share with others of a community the stories and history of Roosevelt Island.

Everyone interested is encouraged to apply below.

Download the
"Call for Creative Collaborators"

Spread the word, hand them out to friends or post them.

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Times & venue of our Living Gallery (workspace) will be announced by mid-August.

Please go to Images & Videos to view "Making of..." short videos on the collaborative process for Toronto, though smaller than New York with much less time, it provides a real overview.

The creation and completion of The Encampment requires the participation of the community on which the history of the artwork is based. During August and September you will collaborate with the Creative Team to create a large-scale site-specific work of public art that celebrates Roosevelt Island's unique history. You will have the choice to design an installation for one of the tents, take part in choreographed ceremonies, partake in a musical landscape or join the production crew that puts it all together!
September 10 - October 5
Attendance to a minimum number of research and creation sessions. These will include time for installations, ceremonies and music.
 October 5 (day) October 5, 6 & 7 (evenings) - 6 & 7 (days) October 8 (morning)
Set-up of tents and tent installations. Practice of ceremonies and musical landscape. Scheduled rotation of Creative Collaborators during the public presentation between 7pm and 1am. 

Scheduled rotation of Creative Collaborators for maintenance of the installations during the days.
Strike of all the interior installations of the tents and the tents themselves. Cleaning of Southpoint grounds.
Please send a brief statement about why you would like to become involved, your artistic background or interests, any time conflicts or limitations and contact information.

(name, address, cell, email & emergency contact)
Please send application information/inquiries to